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Fellow Conservatives, become TEAM BUILDERS

The  elections are over, the greatest President this country has ever had (Donald J. Trump) is in office, but the scams are not over from the Left however. FL Election Worker Chelsey Smith Signs Sworn Legal Statement Alleging Broward County Elections Staff Were Filling in Ballots

Right now, liberals are waging an all-out assault on our nation's founding principles at the polls, in the courts, in our culture, and in academia and you will be amazed at why.

The prominent socialist Norman Thomas who ran for president until the Left wing Democrats adopted the socialist party agenda, made the statement in 1944 that was:  "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." He goes on to state: "I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform."

If we the people are going to take our nation back before it is too late, it is imperative that every conservative know, understand, and stand up for-- the "United States Constitution", Bill of Rights and America.

We simply can't allow communists, hidden as socialists, to get elected through our election system. We have to create answers for each of our communities and stand strong to get the changes with these truths I am presenting.

Just when you thought Democrats couldn’t sink any lower, the left finds a way to do just that. These new Liberal extremists groups are shocked that their terrible liberal policies and smear campaigns weren’t enough to persuade voters to support them in most areas, which is why they tried to use a recount to steal the election away from Republicans; such as the scam recount that went on in Broward county Florida.

This is what the future of America will look like if “ We The Real People of America” don't do anything about it. 

People like: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who got elected by those who do not care about America, is a shining example.

Are there any suggestions from Americans who want to save our country, as to what we can do to prevent a communist take-over, such as those who are getting elected like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who got elected by those who do not care about America? I explain further below about the population in those towns who elect these communists.

I thank one of my post comment contributors on Facebook, by the name of Perry and 78 others who are consistently creating meaningful discussions with their posts and he states on one of my posts: David Tippie there is a very large Muslim population in Minneapolis, Dearborn and Hamtramick Michigan also. So that is another subject we must deal with, Muslims in our country who want Sharia Law to replace our “Constitution”, so they go all in for the party seeking communism, using the word Socialism, which they know will destroy America.

How do we (True Americans) at this point, compare to that of the long ago downfall of Argentina, with communists getting elected to office, just like those elected here in America such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and James Thompson.

To start with let us build and come together as a "Save Our America Team", I am asking for your comments, suggestions and support, as to how we can be a success in this and, build a  STRONG AMERICAN TEAM TO FIGHT AND NEVER GIVE UP!

I have a huge amount of study to provide and I hope you don't leave this page before you review every word, and pass this on to your friends and groups.

Democrats have adapted to run on a secret plan, using the word "socialism", which has been chosen, so that it will cover up the real word, "communism",  and they have falsely defined Socialism, by saying it is a (message of working-class solidarity). 

Going too far to the left with any explanation, without a cover up of their true goal, the Democrats know, would educate the voters, as to the destiny of what is referred to, as "solidarity", and the voters would learn that the left was only after power, to bring down America, toward a dictatorship. 

Just listen to the architect for ObamaCare. Professor Jonathan Gruber, the architect of ObamaCare said a "lack of transparency" and the "stupidity of the American voter" helped Congress approve ObamaCare. Jonathan Gruber, in other words, knows exactly what it took to get the health care law passed; his words were: that it was critical to not be transparent about the law's costs and true effects, and to take advantage of the "stupidity of the American voter" in order to get it passed:  

Don't Cry For Me Argentina is where America is sinking to: Free stuff-- is not free; it is paid by taxes taken from paychecks of the working people of America with low, or high income. When you continue reading, you will see how that will destroy America. Democrats hide the fact that sooner or later you run out of tax payers and businesses like in the case of Argentina; businesses all left the country and look at what happened to those left who were starving and, were part of the problem, because they bought into the Scam of "Free Stuff".

Supported by several potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, including Sanders and senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who co-sponsored Sanders’ “Medicare for all” bill, then there are Corey Booker of New Jersey; Kamala Harris of California; and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, and others; all have endorsed big chunks of it, such as (the jobs guarantee plus a $15-an-hour national minimum wage, Medicare for all, and free public college tuition for everyone and more). 

They say the government will pay for it! The government does not "MAKE" money, they "TAKE" money and "PRINT MONEY"; and who do you think is responsible for that PRINTED MONEY?  Yes, You, Me the tax payers, which includes businesses. If they take over, the communist government will constantly have to raise taxes and take all American Assets to pay for the free stuff, which is still not enough to pay for the Free Stuff.

This is the explanation as to how Argentina destroyed its-self by constantly raising taxes and taking assets to pay for free stuff for those who choose not to work. All businesses left Argentina to escape from the Taxation and theft of their assets. Guess what? No jobs existed.

A number of countries in this world are economically less developed. Traditionally, these countries are known as the “Third World” or the “Developing World”. This implies that life is hard for a large number of people. So the question arises , why this is the case? And, what can we, The American People, do about it?

Just look in Venezuela: When the population is in total poverty, there is more corruption and no new development, because no business wants to establish anything in that country, so jobs are not created, in fact they leave the country, therefore no opportunities are produced for the people and they are under dictatorship and most aren't allowed contact with any media; people can kill other people and most of the time nothing happens to them because there is little, or no police, and laws mean nothing any longer and people don't have the means, or existing health related foods, or medications available, because those businesses were part of those that left the county, so the unemployed starving people who are left in the country have little life expectancy.

This is what the voters in America who are falling for the camouflage of “socialism” are creating here in America.

Look at what happened in Greece when they taxed the businesses so much that they all left and with them all the jobs and the debt piled up with the government still giving the free stuff to the people who were left who began collecting the free stuff from the beginning, which started the crash of Greece.

How can we teach the Left leaning Americans that there is no such thing as "free stuff", for it is paid for by the working class by increasing taxes? If we allow this to continue through these elected officials, it is going to be, as I stated earlier about Argentina: “Don't Cry For Me America”. 

Remember those words were made famous by Argentina in its collapse; “ Don't Cry For Me Argentina”.  Look that up if you are not aware, and let us form a bond, a team, to stand STRONG together and fight back against this ATTEMPTed "Communist Takeover" of America; so we can stop it with votes before the ultimate, "violence".  I want your suggestions as to how we can be a success with this Team Building of: Save Our America Team!

Now, if you would PLEASE take the time to read the following as well, it is David Tippie's thought process from years of study and research and being an American who simply must Help Save His Country.

In 1971 when President Nixon removed the U.S. dollar from gold that is when all hell started breaking loose in America.

"From 1973 to 2016, net productivity rose 73.7 percent, while the hourly pay essentially stagnated—increasing only 12.5 percent over 43 years... This means although Americans are working more and creating more productively than ever, the fruits of their labors have primarily accrued to those at the top and to corporate profits, especially in recent years; paper money printed out of thin air doesn't transmit gains in productivity like real, sound money should.

When money is sound and reliable, it doesn't lose value over time. In fact, quite the opposite—it buys more and more, because of increases in productivity and efficiency. When Nixon forever broke the link between our dollar and gold in the 1970's the link between productivity and wages permanently changed for the worse and created a monetary system that is not reliable. As a result things that you need to survive on in America get more and more expensive. Even if there is an enormous amount of wealth created by our economy, life for the average America Worker has not improved, as it would have if the dollar had not been destroyed by Nixon that destroyed productivity and wages permanently.

Remember back in the days of Henry Ford, he got rich making the automobile affordable with the assembly line—a huge increase in productivity. And these gains in productivity flowed directly to Ford's employees for he shared the profits. Ford made headlines across the nation when he more than doubled his minimum pay, overnight, in 1914.

But that doesn't happen anymore. Real wages have declined for most Americans, despite huge gains in productivity over the last several decades.  The real underlying cause of our wealth and income disparity in America is that wages are no longer connected to gains in productivity. There has never been a better time for wealthy Americans. But the truth is, for working people, the situation is actually getting much worse. We have hit a serious tipping point in America, which is why it is so easy for those who are running for political office, by stating they are going to create "Free Stuff" and going so far as to say that you will get paid even if you don't work, are getting so much attention. Winning the votes of the American worker, underneath it all, is money and hopelessness; the growing disparity between “rich and poor” in America, is a symptom of our (We The People) problem... not the root cause.

The American worker today (unlike in the Henry Ford days) have been going to work, year after year, but instead of earning more over time due to rising sales of their company’s profits, they have actually been earning less, in terms of what their wages can buy.

Despite the boom in the U.S. economy and financial assets over the past 30 years--More so now that Trump is in office—which boosted the wealth and incomes of the wealthiest Americans like never before—average Americans are actually worse off than they were decades ago, due to the lack of gold currency and the lack of getting paid for their upward productivity that increases the company profits and their wages remain low.

If you are in the working class of Americans, I am sure you and your friends and people you know, know how much more debt you and all of these folks have to take on, just to keep their heads above water. Being in debt is an incredibly stressful way to live. You are in a hole and you simply see no way out. So it is no surprise that deaths by drugs and poisoning for the bottom 60% of America’s population have doubled, since the year 2000, and suicide rates have doubled as well, over the same period. We have been, and still are, the greatest country on earth and yet politics has become the cancer to our society. And—if We The People do not come to our senses, America is in a Death Spiral.

Unfortunately, the problem is going to get much, much worse, if we (The Real Boss---The American People) can't find ways to return to our core and stop the political discourse that now is being used by the far Left to take over government and completely destroy our America by turning it into a socialist communist country, and there by--remove government of the People and By the People and For the People with Dictatorship.

You see, tens of millions of people in America are desperate. They have no way out. And sooner or later this hopelessness and desperation could lead to violent and radical politics; due to the fact that as our country has gotten richer than ever... the income disparity widens every year (due to American ignorance) and that has created the “Death of the American Workers Voice”  because wages are no longer connected to gains in productivity.

When money is sound and reliable, as it was before Nixon took our dollar off the Gold Standard, it doesn't lose value over time. In fact, quite the opposite—it buys more and more, because of increases in productivity and efficiency; and the link between productivity and wages was permanently changed in the early 1970s; one reason was the American People had bought into the Scam that politicians did not have to be business minded with business related backgrounds.

Everything required to live life in America has increased leaps and bounds, except wages for the American worker (because the dumbing down of our educational system worked for the politicians).Remember the Bush family's No Child Left Behind, meaning dumbing down the education to the lowest learner.

In 1969, a new truck was $2,500; however today a new F-150 costs about $30,000 for the base model, just for one instance. Look at the huge increase in the number of American billionaires created in America. All the increases in sale prices in industry, has been great for investors and for tech-savvy engineers, but productivity has “not” been rewarded, and the “American Workers” created the wealth with their productivity, but did not get any share of it.

These gains in productivity, especially the improvements in technology, should have made our currency much stronger... and should have increased worker’s wages and should have made everything you buy—from Ford trucks to Food—much cheaper, but that is not what happened. Instead, the cost of just about everything has always gone up and wages were not even considered. That is because, no matter how big the gains in productivity are, the government—(non-buiness minded) politicians and their minions (only being politicians and therefore knowing nothing about business) along with those at the Federal Reserve—I will refer to all of them as the “SICKOs”—have always simply created more money and never considered that without the American Workers productivity the wealth increase would not be there.

Sometimes the “SICKOs”  do it by creating a lot of new credit by selling bonds to foreign countries. And sometimes by simply printing trillions of new dollars out of thin air that has no monetary value, such as it once did, by being backed by Gold, the dollar is now guaranteed by “All of American Assets”, which means if, or when, the dollar fails worldwide, every asset of the American People will be confiscated to pay the debt accumulated, which means----- goodbye America.

This is part of the big secret that the corporate executives and politicians hope you never understand, which is that the money they are printing is backed by your and my “assets” and that prices are always increasing and because wages are no longer connected to gains in productivity, (due to the American people being dumbed down), over time, there is nothing the average dumbed down American can think to do, to stay ahead of inflation, and that is the reason most Americans have been forced to borrow—in a way that is unprecedented in our history.

Simply working harder—or working smarter—isn't benefiting employees anymore. On the other hand, Americans who own assets and businesses have seen their wealth soar over the last 40 years. And so we are left with the biggest income and wealth disparity in America in nearly 100 years. Because of the lack of education (due to progressives dumbing down the educational system) this is why so many American workers can be scammed into believing that this new set up of Left Wing politicians arriving on the Media, can produce free stuff, as they say they can, and the American Workers are willing to take that chance, due to not understanding that they (American Workers) will be the ones destroying America. Today, for millions of Americans, there is no better of a powerful political promise, than to be promised debt freedom and free stuff.

Politicians on the Left are promising it all, free education, free healthcare, pay-check to you even if you don't want to work, they will wipe out your credit card debts and so on. Who will pay for it? The Federal Reserve will print money to pay for it. Wait, that means American Assets, not just your property but pensions, retirement accounts, and other types of savings can be confiscated by the new government, now revealed as to what is really, “Communism”.

The Left calls for higher tax rates on the wealthy, which would not pay for even a small portion of what the new Left politicians are promising, for it is just the tip of the iceberg; because what the new politicians really want, is an explosive divide between the wealthy and the working class to give them more leverage to take over the country.

People have slowly been dumbed down by the Left progressives for the past 100 years, slowly destroying our educational system, for they know that the dumber the people are the easier it is to control them. It's why you see things like the tearing down of historic statues, and why according to a recent study, more young people now prefer socialism to capitalism! Already, millions of Americans are calling for the government to "do something."

Due to educational destruction, most Americans have not followed how devastating every Socialist/Communist Country has been, who not only failed, but they destroyed the lives of all the citizens, so at this point the words of Dr. Phil should be promoted: How's that working out for you Sport? Meaning the citizens who let the Socialist/Communist's take over their country, would actually be responsible for their own demise. Not having this education is why you see huge surges in the number of people joining the Democratic Socialists of America. Socialist/Communist Norman Thomas must be laughing in his grave right now.

If the Left can gain control, they might call confiscations a "National Restoration" or "Patriotic Solvency," it all means the same thing, "redistribution of wealth". What's coming next in our country will be a lot worse than the tech crash. It will be a lot worse than the mortgage crisis as well, and we can't sit back and wait for it to happen, we have to take responsibility of our poor choices in picking our government officials who know nothing about business.

Government is a business and it takes a real business person to run the offices. Barack Obama, the worst president America has ever had, he never held a job in is life and knew nothing about business. Donald Trump was a business man and a very successful one, who was not a politician (politicians get elected to steal money by taking money from lobbyists) Trump did not need any of their bribe money, so he generated the "drain the swamp" theory, meaning lets Fire All the politicians and Hire those who want America to succeed and do not want the failures of the past to continue.

Please help build a Team and let us Fire the Politicians and Hire real business people who love our America and who want our country and all of our citizens to grow and prosper.

It is totally up to you but We The People have to start somewhere, so you could choose to help me get stronger to fight harder by purchasing my Aging Younger Wellness and Beauty products by going to my website:        and if you want to contact me my email is 

May God Bless All Of Us.

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Greatest Invention for Health & Cleanliness

I have been in the natural health and wellness industry for more than 30 years and along with my wife Stephanie we have the Aging Younger Anti-Aging Clinic in Lauderhill, Florida. For the past 5-years I have been designing an invention that will both cleanse the body and at the same time move the lymphatic system. Here's a YouTube presentation about me   Most people are pillaged with sitting behind a desk all day, this invention makes them healthier.

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Short Summary

Contributors I am the inventor, David Tippie and starting from my childhood in an Engineering Machine shop, I learned that there was only one reason that a problem could exist, and that was because the correct solution has not been applied. Further in my adulthood I began to research natural wellness and search for the ROOT cause of illnesses. I opened my first Aging Younger Clinic in 2000 and have been bless by our Father in Heaven, to have helped my hundreds of my clients to ride their body of disease. I know the importance of the lymphatic system to the body's immune system and that was what brought my attention to inventing this Bath/Shower Device. The lymphatic system does not move unless you move, or, there is friction placed on the surface of the skin, such as a massage. With the rolling brushes we accomplish this same friction that moves the lymphatic system and while you are in the shower cleansing the full body with this device, which will feel so good it must be described as a feeling of ecstasy, you are getting healthier. I will respect every donation and I want you to know that you personally will be helping me get this device in every shower and when you watch the video, you will visualize how wonderful this will be.

What We Need & What You Get

I need your support with a donation to help me get to the $500,000 mark to get the drawings on CAD and to Produce the Prototype and to begin advertising for pre-sales of the device.
If I don't reach my entire goal on this go-round, I will never give up, this must be in every home, and I will continue to extend this campaign. The world needs this device.

The Impact

Your contribution will help make my launching of this device possible, and it will be something to tell your grand children about. For you will have helped launch one of the most important shower and health improvement devices offer in our lifetime.

Risks & Challenges

Remember that there is only one reason that a problem can exist, and that is because the correct solution has not been applied.  You, my wonderful new friends, your donations are the correct solution to launching my invention, needed in every home.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:
And doing so will mean you too have been a supporter of my invention.

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Aging Younger Is All About Choices You Make

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer?

The benefits of exercise, nutrition, supplementation and drinking the correct water are yours for the taking, regardless of your age, sex or physical ability. 

Chronological aging in your fault; great health and longevity are all about your choices made daily.

Everyone seems to buy into the Quick Fix advertised on television; after all taking a pill is much easier than walking around the block, Right!

When severe lack of exercise is combined with an unhealthy high-carb, processed food diet, and zero supplementation or to elect to drink the correct water you’re bound to end up with excess body fat and, an early death.

Clearly a great many people struggle with weight issues; but to think that a "pill” from the drugstore will be able to save you from the hassle of having to break a sweat is just as delusional as believing that swallowing a pill will solve your weight loss challenge.

You must stimulate your muscles, mind and improve your nutrition and water intake to provide the complex physiology your body needs to provide you with optimal health.

The bottom line is that most of us feel good after exercising, eating properly, supplementing because of the lost nutrients in food and drinking the most hydrating high alkaline water on the planet from the Aging Youngerwater ionizer 

We have to remember that exercise, while being excellent for our health, is not the only thing we must take charge of to improve and maintain good health.

Most people are aware that a healthy diet is paramount in reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes but it is also extremely important for our mental health.

Eating four to five small meals a day will keep your blood sugar levels regulated. When they drop, low moods; irritability and tiredness are experienced. Always include protein with each meal as recent research suggests that a component of protein, the amino acid tryptophan has a very important effect on the brain where it can influence your mood.

Remember that the protein we are referring to are the hormone and antibiotic injected beef and chickens. Think organic and think to check all labels such as to find if your fish are farm raised and if they are, put them back on the shelf where you found them please.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables throughout the day including whole grains and natural foods.

Stay away from processed food and high sugar foods as they can cause a quick surge of energy in the blood sugar levels which wears off very quickly and this is then followed by a crash leaving you feeling low and tired.

We are firm believers that we are overweight because we are overfed and undernourished. If you are eating unhealthily and you reduce the amount of food you eat, you are going to be continually hungry and your diet will fail very quickly.

Eating a diet comprised of mostly processed foods can leave you feeling tired and run down whereas a healthy, balanced diet can help your body function optimally. Thus, improving your diet can potentially improve your health and lower your risk of disease.

Proper nutrition can supply your body with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential to fighting disease and staying healthy. However it is important to remember that our soil in America is not what it used to be and severally lacks many of the nutrients like zinc, selenium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and sulfur that it once had and all are present in most every organ in the body and the skin is an organ so therefore, we must supplement. Even the processing, refining and over cooking methods used may also cause loss of these micro-nutrients if they existed in that food before processing and cooking.

Knowing how crucial supplementation is, is why our Anti-Aging Clinic has the solution, with our all natural Rejuvenis brand supplements that we provide to our clients.

Millions fewer people are taking vitamin supplements, as people doubt their effectiveness and resent the cost. But will it affect our health?

Certainly we should try and get as many of the vitamins and minerals we need from food as possible but it is very difficult. Supplementing some key nutrients can provide a cushion for the body to help it deal with what it’s going through.

Supplements aren't a substitute for a good diet, but more to be used as an insurance policy. For example, we have about half the selenium in the soil as we did 50 years ago and think of all the foods we import from all over the world that spend days or even weeks sitting in a warehouse losing their nutritious value. One of the most important functions of selenium in the human body is to protect the body from the damage that can be caused by free radicals. It is also said to lower the risk of coronary diseases. Our Rejuvenis brand of natural selenium is one of our morning supplement staples.

It’s estimated at least half of us are deficient in vitamin D resulting in a worrying rise in cases of rickets – a Victorian disease caused by lack of the vital vitamin.

Vitamin D is synthesized by the early morning sunlight, absent the damaging UVA sunray at mid-day; most people are avoiding the sun due to being incorrectly informed and are wearing sun protection from the time they wake up that doesn't allow vitamin D to be absorbed and synthesized to becoming the life supporting D-3. Vitamin D’s been found to work in preventing all sorts of illnesses - heart disease, cancer, particularly breast cancer, autoimmune conditions, allergies - an enormous amount.

I really believe you get what you pay for, and most people get their drugs free so they cut vitamins out because of the cost involved. Basically that is choosing to reduce the quality and the quantity of your life.

There is not much point taking a cheap make believe vitamin tablet, most are made by you friendly drug company, as it passes out of your system much the same way it goes in.

Scientist have believed for many years that vitamin E and beta carotene were cancer fighting agents in fruits and vegetables. A study was performed on lung cancer patients using synthetic forms of vitamin E and beta carotene and the patients using this synthetic forms actually had higher rates of lung cancer. Proving yet again that man cannot re-produce Mother Nature.

Always remember that Mother Nature does not have a multi-anything including a multi-vitamin. When you see that word, we suggest running from it, because you can rest assured that it is synthetic, and why do you think there are so many side effects for drugs?  Well the answer is, your body is rejecting synthetics, and of course all drugs and vitamins made by drug companies are synthetic--man-made substances.

Your body must have original Mother Nature's micro-nutrients. It is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle and nutritional measures alone.

Scientists have known for decades that zinc may play an important role in prostate health. While there is no specific disease associated with zinc deficiency, a diet lacking in zinc can lead to problems such as frequent infections, delayed wound healing, decreased appetite, decreased sense of smell and taste, white flecks on the nails, poor skin conditions, and poor growth in children.  Good sources of zinc such as oysters, beef, yogurt, and pumpkin seeds is a recipe for healthy growth and immunity as well as a smart cancer prevention strategy.

Along with a diet rich in whole foods, nutritional supplements play an important role in preventing and treating all types of cancer.

While each one of the nutritional substances is important, a combination of antioxidants will provide greater protection against disease than any single nutritional substance or antioxidant.

Your mother was right: you need vitamins to grow up strong and healthy. Like many kids, you may have shunned nutritious foods only to be presented with chalky, synthetic vitamins. As an adult, you understand the value vitamins have in strengthening your immune system and empowering your cells to fight off disease-causing toxins. What's less clear is what vitamin source is best for you.

To make synthetic vitamins, the natural whole-food vitamin source is distilled and isolated through a chemical process. Chemists can also recreate isolated vitamin molecules using non-food "synthetic" chemical sources. The problem with this method is that vitamin molecules are not isolated in their natural state; they are part of active vitamin-complexes. The process of distilling and isolating vitamins may destroy the components critical for their effectiveness.

The amazingly efficient human body has evolved over millions of years to digest fruits and vegetables, absorbing and utilizing the vitamins and nutrients in them and expelling toxic substances from the body. The active processes of vitamins in the body are not fully understood, and so the question should be, can man improve on something we don't yet comprehend.  Since synthetic vitamins are often made from non-food based derivatives, like coal tar, it seems practical that the body may interpret them as invading toxins that it will fight hard to expel. Vitamins A, E, C and beta-carotene were shown in laboratory tests to fight off the free radicals that can cause certain cancers. However, clinical trials synthetic forms of vitamins that yield possible harmful effects from synthetic vitamins which are processed effectively by the body.

In today's world it's virtually impossible to do well without nutritional supplements. Supplementation often presents the only practical means to grant an adequate intake of nutrients. Due to soil depletion, industrial food processing, storage conditions and often low accessibility to fresh nutrient-dense food, it becomes imperative to supplement our diet with vitamins and other essential nutrients which are missing in our food. Plus the people, who need supplementation most, are those under an increased oxidative stress.

Antioxidant nutrients have shown to help lower the metabolic stress caused by intensive exercise or disease and thus protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage.

Please call us at 954-742-4430  or   go to our website:    and click on the word supplements to read all about our Rejuvenis brand natural supplements.  

Certainly we do not want to leave out the necessity of water.  But there's more to H2O than simply quenching your thirst, and chances are a few of these tips will surprise you. In fact, they may even help you lose weight. So put down that soda, pick up a glass of water, and learn how one of Earth's most precious natural resources can help better fuel your life, body, and diet, as well as to increase your longevity.

Water Keeps You Hydrated. We know this seems obvious, but the truth is your body can't function at its most basic level without ample amounts of water. Every metabolic process in the body, whether it be a muscle contraction or a biochemical reaction in the liver, requires water to be present. Please review the most hydrating water on the planet from our Aging Younger waterionizer. 

If you live too far to visit us, we provide phone consultations just call 954-742-4430

Our website contact page is CLICK HERE 

PLEASE feel free to leave a comment below as well. 

Health & Longevity to you and yours,
David Tippie - Director, President, Nature-O-Path-Author

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